Monday, July 28, 2014

Makeup Monday Linky Party

Makeup Monday

Make sure you check out all the fabulous ladies and their blogs included in the Linky Party. The beautiful Maria at is hosting this Monday event.

Thanks ladies for stopping by the blog. Have a blessed week, Sherry

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Loreal Visible Lift Blur Products

Foundation #204 Creamy Natural
Concealer #301 Fair Pale

As a woman who is well over 40 sliding into 50, I am all about having my skin appear smoother, "blurred" if you will. I was browsing in my local drugstore and saw the display for these and started checking these out. I then came home and started trying to research them to see what they were all about. Ladies, back to the store I went and got these products!

This is what Loreal says: "Instantly erases the look of lines. Lightweight, anti-aging." "A makeup that blurs the look of lines, wrinkles and uneven texture while delivering the anti-aging benefits of Visible Lift.". Uses Opti-blur technology.

If you look at my swatch of the

Friday, July 25, 2014

Bite Beauty Lippie love #bitebeauty

From top:

Bite beauty lippies are absolutely extraordinary! The company is a natural lip care company that states that the lippies are so healthy you can eat them. They have resveratrol, shea butter and essential oils to nourish and protect lips. There is a wide variety of lipsticks, pencils, glosses, matte and regular. I remember the first time I saw them at Sephora and swatched them and immediately fell in love with them. I have since collected quite a few of them!

The lippies are smooth, feel wonderful on the lips and have beautiful colors. The swatches above are multiple swipes, the pigment is not "in your face" and takes quite a bit to show up. The fragrance is minor and they taste good. The longevity is a couple of hours and needs to be reapplied often, however the solid black suede feeling case is a pleasure to pull out and use!

Bottom line, go to Sephora and check them out as they are awesome lippies.
has all the information you could want and some of the products are on the website that aren't at Sephora. All in all, I love BITE lippies and will continue to purchase them!! Thanks for stopping by the blog :). Blessings, Sherry

Trend: Clutch

I have never been one for carrying a clutch. But this one caught my eye and when I go to concerts and special dinners, this is perfect for dressing up the outfit. It is a sparkly black and the top has rhinestone inlays where the finger holders are. There is a great chain to use for crossbody or shoulder carrying. I have seen this particular type of clutch in magazines and catalogs and am excited to own this trendy clutch!

I usually don't do fashion type posts but felt this was right up the current trend and had to show it off! Do you carry clutches? What do you think about this one? Would love to hear your thoughts! Have a great day! Sherry

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Japonesque Velvet Touch Foundation

Shade 01

When the brand Japonesque showed up at Ulta, I spent some time swatching and getting to know the products. I am impressed with the ones that I really took some time to look over. I am always on the search for a foundation that I like and decided to get this one. The one thing I noted was that most all of their foundation colors are yellow based. It comes in a glass jar and a spatula. I like that the spatula keeps the foundation from getting bacteria introduced, but the large opening still makes me leary.

The foundation itself is quite thick and gives a full coverage. I really had to "sheer" it out so that it didn't look cakey. It doesn't have an obnoxious fragrance and overall is pretty easy to apply. It states on their website that it is a "whipped" foundation and it is possible that my jar dried out. It dries to a matte finish and I found that it wore well on my 12 hour shift. I think that this foundation will be more suited to winter time as I like lighter bases with our 100 degree heat here!

I will definitely be checking out other products from their line. Have you tried Japonesque from Ulta? Thanks for stopping by the blog :) Sherry

Summer moisture switch up

Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel Cream
Dry skin-(pink)
Normal to combo skin-(green)

Ladies with the temperatures in Texas being the high 90's to low 100's, there is not a lot I want on my face! To top that off, add in that lovely "hot flash" glow (yeah right) and greasy is the effect I run far away from. So my moisturizer had to change and Garnier was a great company and inexpensive option to try a gel moisturizer. These take very little to cover my face, take a minute to sink in and feel cooling to my face. Although, I sweat seriously badly this time of year I know I need to use a moisturizer because hey at my age I can't play around!!

I use these mainly at night because I like to have a strong SPF in my daily moisturizer. I do use these in the day when I am off work and not doing a lot of running around. I have placed some of my eye products in the refrigerator to make the cooling sensation even better and these gels cool really well and when refrigerated just totally refresh me and help me to wake up.

So ladies if you are looking for a great gel moisturizer that is easy to pick up from your local drugstore then this is one you want to check out! Thanks for stopping by the blog and leave me your thoughts below if you are trying gel moisturizers! Sherry

Seriously, goodbye Aqua Net!

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Working Hair Spray
Loreal Elnett Satin Hairspray
KMS Hair Stay dry xtreme hairspray
Oscar Blandi pronto Texture and Volumizing Spray

Back in the day (and I am talking the 80's here :) I was addicted to my Aqua Net. Seriously a day didn't go by that I didn't have my super permed super out to there hair shellacked with this stuff! My hair didn't move and was a serious fire hazard. *Sigh the 80's. These days I am more educated about products and know my hair better than ever. I favor softer more fluid holds and since I have very fine, thin hair I like a boost of volume without the stickiness.

Enter some old and some new hairsprays that are absolutely a pleasure to use. They give my hair lasting hold, volume and shine. The Loreal Elnett is my everday go to work hairspray. I have read that makeup artists and hairstylists used to hoard this stuff from Paris. Now that it is available here in the US and at local Target stores, Ulta's and even Walgreens, lots of people can get their hands on this product. It holds without the stiffness and although the smell is pure old school hairspray, it works.

When I want some heavy duty hold, KMS rocks! I received this size as one of my points rewards from Ulta and fell head over heels in love with it. It is very dry and a little does a lot. I have replaced this travel size several times and it fits in a purse quite well.

The Alterna was in a haircare kit of Caviar Anti-aging products and it is a medium hold. It smells great and also provides my hair with a shine. Another great size to travel.

Last but not least, the Oscar Blandi spray is great for spraying near my roots and getting instant lift and volume. It has a serious hold as well and helps my fine, thin hair look a little thicker.

What hairspray do you use? Were you addicted to Aqua Net? Do tell! Sherry